Women are also not behind in the movement to save the hills of Braj; The women of Pasopa village sat on a gradual fast

The delegation of the movement made contact with the saints across the state; All the saints said that the protection of the hills of Braj is very important.

Today, 214 days of the ongoing dharna to make Adibadri Kanakachal mountain free from mining, the villagers showed their full participation by giving this campaign the status of true service to Braj. In this sequence, women of Pasopa village, Virma Devi, Shanti Devi, Vedan Devi and Phoolvati sat on a gradual fast. At the same time, he gave the message that the women of Braj are also not lagging behind in this movement for the protection of the hills of Braj and in every struggle they are with the saints and agitators.

A delegation of the same agitators, under the leadership of Mahant Shivramdas Das, went out to meet the major sages and saints from across the Braj region and the state and contacted many saints regarding the movement, mainly Sant Ramprasad Maharaj of Jodhpur, Sursagar, Ramdwara. Ashram,Sainacharya Swami Aclanandgiri Maharaj Peethashrav San Bhakti Peeth Jodhpur,Balgopal Das Maharaj of Jaipur,Avadheshanand Maharaj,Siyaram Das Maharaj,Mahamandaleshwar Chitprakashanand of Vrindavan,Naval Giri,Adityanath Maharaj,Hari Bol Baba,Rameshwar Das,Bhubaneswar Das,Braj Bihari Maharaj, Kamaldas Maharaj, Nimbarka Acharya Shreeji Maharaj, Ramdevaswaroop Maharaj, Ramanand Ji Maharaj were Ramswaroopanand Maharaj. All the saints said that it is very important to preserve both the hills of Braj, Adibadri and Kanakachal, and requested the Chief Minister of Rajasthan that in order to protect the eternal culture and in view of the sentiments of the saints and crores of Krishna devotees, immediately both the major hills of Braj should be removed. Protect by freeing mining. On this occasion, besides Mahant Shivramdas, Bhura Baba, Haribol Das Baba, Mukesh Sharma etc. were present in the delegation.

Here today in Barsana, hundreds of cow protectors under the leadership of Brajdas of Man Mandir took active membership of the movement and showed their full commitment to protect the transit hills of Braj and said to be fully prepared for every struggle. On this occasion Sant Sarveshwar Das, Mohit Chaudhary, Kishan, Bablu Singh, Rakesh, Advocate Vishvendra, Bharat, Sitaram Bhagat etc. were prominently present.

Today, the active membership campaign organized meetings in the villages of Unchagaon, Swarna, Palson, Neemgaon, Manpur, Ghazipur etc. In the Braj region, more than 400 active members joined the movement and they were made village secretaries.