Maan Mandir

Prabhat Phri Mandal

Spreading Bhagwan Naam By Chanting It Loudly

In Groups Is the Biggest Service To Braj Dham

Prabhat Pheri

A morning at Maan Mandir starts early morning around 4:30 AM. Brajwasis from surrounding villages such as Dhabala, Chiksauli, Maan Pur, saints, students of Maan Mandir Gurukul, and Gopies of Maan Mandir get gather at Gahvar Kund located at the heart of Gahvarvan to begin Prabhat Pheri.

Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj always says, with evidences from our scriptures, that the real service to Braj is chant Shri Krishna Radha name in form of Sankeertan – singing Bhagwan Naam together and loudly. During Maharaas, when Shri Krishna disappeared from Raas, all the Gopies started searching for Him through out Vrindavan asking trees, plants and even leaves “Pukaarati hari hari hari hari lataan me…”. Finally one Gopi suggested that they should sing together and call Him. Pleased with their Sankeertan, Shri Krishna appeared again. Not only that, Shri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Ji said, “Jopi liye hori naam koriye nij saadhan, uchha sankeertan kiye kare paropkaare..” Naam Sankeertan in a group is much better than a quite Naam jap. Trees, plants, bugs, birds, monkeys, cows, and other animal who cannot chant Bhagwan Naam also get benefit by Naam Sankeertan.

Shri Baba Ji Maharaj also says that Shri Braj Dham hides itself in Kaliyuga because of growing Paap and Apraadh. Only with Bhagwan Naam and Nishkaam Bhakti, it reveals its true self. The Shri Baba Maharaj proved it by his life. Maan Mandir used to be a hideout of dacoits.  With Bhagwan Naam Sankeertan and Nishkaam Bhakti, it has become an ocean of Shri Radha Krishna Ras and Pole Star of Braj.

The Prabhat Pheri starts from Gahvar Kund and walks along Shriji Temple Parikrama Marg. Shriji Parikrama Marg circles around Barsana Dham and other core Leela Sthalies such as Vrishbhanu temple, Khor Saankari, Vishakha Sakhi temple and other very special places including Bhajan Sthalies of great Braj Bhakts. All along the parikram marg, the pheri stops at these places for few minutes and glorifies the name of Shri Radha Krishna Naam. The very first stop is Shri Radha Rani’s temple in Barsana – Shriji Temple. It is also an assembly point for those who could not join the pheri at the Gahvarvan.

Pheri then moves towards the main Barsana Bazar. Here it is welcomed by local Brajwasis of Barsana. They get together at the center of the Bazar and participate in full swing by dancing and loudly chanting the divine Shri Naam. As the Pheri moves along, groups of Brajwasis waiting for the Pheri join it, sing and walk along for the time as allowed by their daily routine. Students of Maan Mandir and Gopies of Ras Kunj specifically decorate the Pheri by fearlessly offering their Nritya to the lotus feet of Shri Radha Rani.

One of the volunteers holds  the PA system and lead singer sings Shri Radha Krishna Bhajan or Yugal Mantra. Rest of the participants follow the singer. Those who can sing take turn and sing. Some dance without any hesitation.

What a beautiful way to start a day!!