Bhiksha Utsav

A unique celebration that strengthen Bhaav relationship between Brajwasis and Braj Upaasaks

In 11th Skand of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran Shri Krishna teaches the importance and spirit of Bhiksha Vritti to Udhhav Ji. He also preached that a saadhu should live on Bhiksha Vritti. Bhiksha means going door to door, chant Shri Krishna Radha name loudly, consider the Gopi coming out of the house as Shri Radha Rani Herself and accepts whatever She offers as Kripa Prasad of Shriji. The spirit of Bhiksha is to augment Braj Bhaav and stifle our personal egos. It is not possible to spread your hand as beg for food without giving up one’s ego.  It is indeed a stressful exercise for beginners.

However, a Rasik converts everything around him/her into sheer Ras. With Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj’s mercy, Bhiksha is no longer a stressful act. Instead it has turned in an Utsav, a Bhiksha Utsav. Every morning after the daily satsang, all the saadhus living at the temple get together in front of Shri Radha Maan Bihari Lal, do Dandavat Pranaam and start Bhiksha Ustsav by chanting the holy name of Shri Radha Krishna in form of Yugal Mantra Sankeertan with all the instruments. Everybody rejoices, dances and chant the name loudly. Before the Bhiksha Utsav even enters the village,  Brajwasis bring the Bhiksha before hand and wait at their doorsteps for them. Because they are chanting Bhagwan Naam, Brajwasis drops their Bhiksha with great respect.

Braj is probably the only place where Bhiksha Vritti is still actively pursued and practiced.