Dr. Ram Ji Lal Shashtri

Shrimad Bhagwat Vyasacharya

panditji04Dr Ram Ji Lal Shashtri is a pure Brajwasis who has dedicated his life in serving Braj Bhoomi by following the teaching of Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj. Shri Baba Maharaj is considered “Back bone of Braj Bhoomi” because of he services and unconditional love for Braj Dham and Brajwasis. One of the major initiatives of Shri Baba Maharaj is to protect, preserve and revive the major components of Braj Dham including Bhakta or Saint Seva, Yamuna, Hills, Bhagwan Naam Pheries, Kunds (Water bodies), Go Seva, and 5000 years old divine culture of Braj among others. Dr Ram Ji Lal has been working tirelessly for the past 50 years to achieve the goal.

Mataji Goshala

Started with on 2 cows in 2007, Mataji Goshala now has over 35000 cows. All of them are saved from being slaughtered. Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj has very high standards for Go Seva as described in our scriptures. Dr Ram Ji Lal has been trying to follow all the teachings of Shri Baba Ji Maharaj. He maintains that we human CANNOT do Go Seva, it is the mother cow who serves us by giving us an opportunity to do Go Seva. As per Shri Baba Ji Maharaj’s teachings , every cow brings good fortune with her, therefore, NEVER deny any cow. Treat every cow like our mother. This way, Krishna’s dear the mother cow will take care of all her needs. Mataji Goshala is being run in the similar fashion. Cows are never denied, all the cows are welcomed in the Goshala. We don’t solicit donations for the Goshala. Whatever comes by itself as per the wishes of Shri Radha Krishna, it is used to serve the cows. Cows are given best possible food and cared with love and passion. It has become a place of big attraction for the visitors. You are most welcome to come and visit and take blessings from the cows.

Free Feast

Dr. Ram Ji Lal’s home is known for “Sant or Sadhu Seva”. Even though it is simply a home, Brajwasis call it a “Mandir” or temple because of their selfless services. Anybody visits here is offered FREE food twice a day. Over 1000 sadhus, saints, visitors and devotees take Prasad twice a day at his home absolutely FREE of cost. During festive seasons, the number goes beyond 5000 a day. All of his family members have also dedicated their lives for “Sadhu Seva” as well. Because of their selfless Sadhu Seva, people started calling it “Radha Ras Mandir”. Honest and selfless service turned a home into a temple.

Hills of Braj

Hills of Braj were being mined legally as well as illegally for the past 60 years or so until 2009. Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj has been fighting for saving these mountains for the past 45 years as they contain marks of Shri Radha Krishna Leelas and a number of other Leela Sthalies. Everyday, hundreds trucks of illegally mined stone were extracted. At ground level, Dr. Ram Ji Lal worked in a very difficult and life threating conditions. He filed many cases in different courts under his name and followed through the court dates. Finally, with Shri Baba Maharaj blessing, over 4000 hectors mountain land was converted into reserved forests. Both illegal and legal mining now has been stopped.

Tree Planation

Under his supervision, over 1.5 lac trees were planted to decorate the hills that were destroyed by the mining activities.

Bhagwat Naam Pheri

Shri Baba Maharaj always preaches that Bhagwan Naam is the ONLY savior in Kaliyuga. Shri Baba Maharaj himself used to go village by village and start Bhagwan Naam Pheries in Braj. The effort has been taken to the next level. Not only we encourage people to start Naam Pheries, but also provide a PM System and a Dholak for the Kirtan totally FREE of cost. Dr. Ram Ji Lal has been working at every level to make sure that the efforts get success by providing all the logistics. He personally supervises the program. Over 35,000 Bhagwan Naam Pheries have been started in around 30,000 villages in Braj and outside.