Yet another Kund restoration work has been started in Braj. Sooraj Kund also known as Surya Kund is located in Kaman Rajasthan and was in a complete dilapidated state without any drop of water in it. 

With the inspiration of Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj, the renovation construction of the same has begun in full swing. 

Know that this is the same area where illegal mining of the Braj Hills were stopped a few years back after 60 years long battle by Shri Maan Mandir. The land mafia is still active in this area and creating a lot of trouble. A few days back they try to attack Saadhus and Saints helping in the construction and maintaining 24 hour Akhand Kirtan and tried to stop the work. However, with Shriji’s mercy and work continues.