Yet another miracle witnessed by thousands of Brajwasis in Braj yesterday.

Shri Radharaman Bihari Lal, also known as Sanket Bihari Lal, of Sanket Van Dham near Nand Gaon, who were stolen 13 months ago on Dec 9, 2013, were recovered by the Mathura police yesterday near Deeg village of Braj.

These deities were one of the very few who have incarnated themselves in Braj. Such a rare occurrence in this world. They have come to unconditionally bless their devotees.

The monetary value of them was in crores as they are made of Ashadhatu, a rare alloy comprising extremely valuable elements. This is probably the very reason why they were stolen.

Unfortunately, most original deities have been stolen from the temples of Braj. What’s more alarming and is evident by a historical trend, once stolen, the deities are usually never found again. This vicious trend was broken recently.

A few years back Shri Radha Maan Bihari Lal were stolen from Maan Mandir. Devotees in the temple in particular and Brajwasis in general were very sad. They suggested and requested Shri Baba Maharaj to replace them with new deities. However, Shri Baba Maharaj firmly and faithfully declared that they will come back, they have to come back. Thirteen days later, they did come back on from the Bangladesh border. All of Braj was stunned by their reappearance unprecedentedly. The senior Brajwasis declared the Radha Maan Bihari Lal as Jagrut”(Shri Radha Krishna awaken like living being in form of deities).

When Shri Radha Raman Bihari Lal of Sanket Van were stolen, the devotees of the temple promptly approached and involved Shri Baba Ji Maharaj with the firm belief that, just like Radha Maan Bihari Lal, Shri Radha Raman Bihari Lal will also come back. Entire Braj was, once again, immersed in the ocean of sorrow.
Shri Baba Maharaj visited the temple and started Akanda Bhawan Naam Sankeertan. Some other Brajwasis joined them to protest against the local administration by observing fast.

People almost forgot about them as it’s been very long since authorities last talked about them. However, their absence always bothered Shri Baba Maharaj secretly.

Miraculously, day before yesterday, filled with deep pain, Shri Baba Maharaj did not sleep for a second. He called upon Shri Radhakant ji and told him “Shri Radha Raman Ji need to come back, go make arrangements. If they don’t come back, we will establish other deities”.

The very next day the original Shri Radha Raman Bihari Lal came back. Brajwasis are very happy and celebrating their arrival. Brajwasis firmly believe that Raman Bihari Ji came back because of the love Shri Baba Maharaj.
A formal celebration is being planned as of writing this article.

Bol Raman Bihari Lal Ki Jai…
Bol Shri Baba Maharaj Ki Jai…