Yet another miracle in Gahvarvan. A few days ago, Shri Madan Mohan Brijwais (Chacha Ji) got his last wish, leaving his body while cleaning Gahvarvan, fulfilled by the mercy of Shri Radha Rani.

Once again Shri Radha Rani showered Her mercy on Shri Sakhi Sharan Maharaj this morning. Shri Sakhi Sharan Ji Maharaj of Gahvarvan, who spent over 50 years with Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj, entered the Nitya Braj Leela of Shri Radha Krishna. It was a miracle. He was being treated in an hospital in Gurgaon for sever infection in multiple organs of his body for past few days.

His last wish was to leave his body in Gahvarvan.

Early this morning, Dec 11, 2013, Shri Baba Maharaj asked someone to call him back in Gahvarvan. Doctors said hat there is one particular test that he needs to go through the next morning. However, beyond everyone’s understanding, Shri Baba Maharaj ordered to bring him back immediately without any delay. Devotees in hospital quickly arranged for transportation and brought him to Gahvarvan 2:30 AM Dec 11, 2013 and at 2:42 AM, he left his body after he was told that he is in Gahvarvan. Shri Radha Rani kept his wish!

Sakhi Sharan Ji Maharaj met Shri Baba Maharaj around 50 years back and then never left him. He was the very first devotee of Shri Baba Maharaj. His devotion for Shri Baba Maharaj was very firm, steady and constant until his last breath. He has had invaluable wonderful experiences with Shri Baba Maharaj and about Shri Baba Maharaj. Shri Baba Maharaj may never share those experiences with us. Everybody was worried about his growing age and declining health and did not want to loose the treasure. Keeping that in mind, one of the devotees from Maan Mandir interviewed him a few year ago. Without spending more time on writing stuff here, you can listen to his experience below: