Maan Mandir Kala Akadami organized the very first Rangili Hori Natika in 2012. It was a huge success. The prominent personalities, Aacharyas, Saints, Mahants of Braj acknowledged that such a presentation of “Raas Leela” had never took place in Braj.

The contents of the Natika were purely and completely based on the “pramaanas” (Evidences) from various scriptures.

What made this Natika full of “Ras” was the Bhava of the actors. They were none other than the Gopies and Saadhus of Shri Maan Mandir Mandir Temple who have given up the material life for Krishna Ras and have no desire for the rewards of this Karma.

It is important to learn that there were no efforts made to publicize this event. However, news and pictures of it was spread like fire in Braj.