Maan Mandir Kala Akadami presents life story of one of the greates devotees of Kali Yuga, Meera Bai. A special team has been very hard day and night to collect authentic information about Meera Bai Ji. The team visited all the places in Rajasthan where Meera Bai Ji lived. With the help of local authorities and historians, the team was able to collect a lot of information about her. Among all, the most important was the pictures and videos of the places where she lived before and after the marriage.

The places included the altar where she was first welcomed to her husband’s palace after the marriage, the temple where she used to go and do bhajans and dance infront of Krishna, the diety of Shri Krishna that her Guru Maharaj Shri Ray Das Ji gave her, the pictures of the places where King Rana Sanga used lock her up and many many more.

Every year in the Naatika, a life story of a devotee from scriptures such as Bhaktamaal, Shrimad Bhagwad Maha Puran and other Braj literatures is presented in form of a Naatika. This year Maan Mandir Kala Akadami will be presenting the life story of Shri Meera Bai Ji.

Maan Mandir Seva Sansthan Trust cordially invites all of you to join us in the Naatika. Like every year, the Naatika will take place at following place:


Ras Mandap
Maan Mandir Seva Sansthan Trust
Gahvarvan, Barsana, Dist. Mathura,
Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, Pin-281405


6 PM, September 01, 2014