M3u playlists are a simple text files with direct links to the Satsang files. An m3u playlist is best compatible with Windows Media Player. It is also supported by most MP3 players. The great thing about m3u playlist is that it automatically move to the next Satsang after current track is completed. We have categorized our Satsang in various categories and all Satsangs for that category is compiled into one playlist (m3u) file.

Please know that the playlist file DOES NOT contain any media files, just link to them. Therefore, the file size is in few KBs.

M3u playlist is a great way to continuously play (24/7) Satsang at home or office.

Following are the links to the playlist files. If you click them, it will start playing in the default M3U player on your computer.

To download them, right click on the link and click “Save Link as…” or “Save target as…” option depending on your browser.

If you need any help, please send us email at info@maanmandir.org