Murlika Ji was invited by the Vraj Temple in Pennsylvania (PA) USA to speak on Shri Yamuna Ji. Vraj temple is one of the largest Pushti Margiya temples in the world.  

At the occasion, Shri Deepak Shah (President Vraj temple), Pramod Bhai Ameen (Vice President) and Shri Gopal Bhai Shah (head of executive committee and operations) gave a warm welcome to Murlika Ji. Even though they hold top positions at one of the largest Pushti Margiya temples, they humbly accompanied and welcomed Murlika Ji, Pandit ji and Shri Radhikesh Ji by themselves and stayed with them through out the visit. Here are few of the captured moments. 
Here is the link to Murlika Ji lecture in Vraj Temple: 

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