“Not education but the character is the greatest need and the greatest safeguard”.
Students in Maan Mandir Gurkul have been growing in large numbers for the past few months. It is because they are getting quality education at the Gurukul. They are developing the most valuable and desirable Bhaktimaya (devotional) character. The students come from different walks of life. Most of them are Brajwasis. Their unity is an example in the region. They are known for their renunciation(tyaga).

There are no words to explain their fortune. The students are learning the core philosophy of Bhakti directly from Shri Baba Maharaj.

“Action is the end of knowledge”. They are are leaving this statement. The students wake up early in the morning and do Prabhat Pheri around Barsana. They form small groups among themselves and go visit villages of Braj and spread Bhagwan Naam by doing Kirtan.

Those who are regular listener of Shri Baba Maharaj daily lectures, they know that how much appreciative Shri Baba Maharaj is for their values and Bhakti Bhaav.

The list goes on and on. Devotee parents are poring in with a request to admit their children. The space at the temple falling way short of what is needed to take care of the students.

With the growing numbers and the developing needs, it was decided to create dedicated facility for the Gurukul. Day before yesterday, Shri Baba Maharaj was requested to do Shila Niyaas of the new building.

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