A history is being written at Maan Mandir under the caring supervision of Śrī Ramesh Bābāji Mahārāj, where arādhāna in seva is the only security in this world. Recently, in his classes an emphasis has been on ‘true emotion’ towards the Lord which comes about when we give up the illusion of ‘separateness’ or a discriminative mentality. A change of heart is there as we each, according to our capacity, serve and distribute in some small way.

nāhaṁ vasāmi vaikuṇṭhe
na yogi-hṛdaye ravau
mad-bhaktā yatra gāyanti
tatra tiṣṭhāmi nārada

“I do not live in Vaikuṇṭha, in the hearts of the yogīs, or inside the sun. Rather, My dear Nārada, I am present wherever My devotees sing about Me.” (Padma Purāṇa, Uttara-khaṇḍa 92.21–22)

Bābā Śrī said recently:

“I live there where my devotees sing my glory. Singing means they sing, dance and play on musical instruments; God definitely lives there. At the evening sankirtan, 100’s of devotees dance; then God definitely lives there.”