Yes, it is true. Hanumaan Ji is Brajwasi. He was born in Braj. Anjani Dham, also known as Hanumaan Dham was discovered in Braj.

A few days ago, Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj visited a remote village near the border of Braj region that falls in Rajasthan. With him was hundred of devotees and saadhus of Maan Mandir. A couple buses came all the way from Delhi to witness such a remarkable discovery.

At the occasion, Shri Baba Maharaj visited various places within the region that matches with the references in various scriptures such as Valmiki Ramayan, Garga Sanhita, Shrimad Bhagwantam and other scriptures.





According to the Kathas, Anjani Maa, the mother of Shri Hanumaan Ji, exercised Tapasya or Penance in a cave for over 2000 years to get a wish for a  son. Anjani Maa’s Taposthali was near a water pond or a Kund known as Anjani Kund. Shri Hanumaan Ji was born as a result of teh Tapasya. Immediately after he was born, he felt hungry and wanted to eat something, he saw bright Sun in sky and thought it was a fruit. He wanted eat it. Pushed by his natural instinct, he jumped to eat it. However, his knees hit a stone or wall while jumping up in the air. We all know the story what happened next. Later, the place was named after the name of Anjani Maa, Anjani Dham. It is also known as Anjani Kund or Birth place of Hanumaan Ji or Hanumaan Dham.





This newly discovered Hunumaan Dham in  Braj, has all those evidences. It was really surprising to see all those in person. It has a very old Anjani Maa Temple, a kund that is still known and worshipped by locals as Anjani Kund for hundreds of years. This kund miraculously holds water in all seasons and months of a year. Area near this place is completely deprived of water. There is NO water even until 50 feet. But miraculously this kund always has water. There is mysterious stream of water coming out of a mountain that goes to this kund. Nobody has been able to figure out why and how it is possible. There is huge store that has two wholes in it, which are known and have been worshipped for hundreds of years as knee marks of Hanumaan Ji. There is a cave near the temple that is known as Anjani Maa’s Taposthali and has also been worshipped for hundreds of years by the local residents.











It is very interesting to know that the area is a Mevat Area (Muslim Majority Area). All these sthalies have been maintained by the Muslims. We talked to the local elderly Muslim villagers about the Dham. They told us that their ancestors 4th generation back onwards used to be Hindus. One local villager named Aazam Khan told us that his grand grand father’s name was Shamsher Singh. They were forcibly converted to Muslims. At that time, the cruel Aurangazeb was the ruler and he was determined to eradicate Hinduism completely from India.








All major Hindu pilgrimage sites, temples, and the deites (Murties) were destroyed and a Muslim Mazaar or Mosque was built to replace it. Somnath temple, Ram Janma Bhoomi, Krishna Janma Bhoomi,  and many other famous sites are the examples and evidences of the trend. We found the same to be true at this place too. The temple is in the bad shape and it was surrounded by broken old deities, huge stones with engraved artwork and pictures showing Anjani Maa holding baby Hanumaan Ji and other motherhood related pictures. Near the temple is a Mazaar, a Muslim worship place. All these circumstances are evident of the similar trend at this place too.









There is an old dilapidated palace on the hilltop of a near by mountain. The villagers said that there used to be a time that the king of the palace used to punish anyone cleaning cloths at the Anjani Kund. The king himself used to worship all these places. The villagers also mentioned that even though the place is a part of Braj, but no Saint or Mahant or Sampradaya ever comes to area being a Mevat region (Muslim). They were very pleased that Shri Baba Maharaj came to visit the place and acknowledged this place as part of Braj.

There are assumptions that the birth place of Hanumaan Ji is one of the 3 places, one in Nasik, one in Karnatak and another one in Patna. But none of the places has ALL of the evidences that mataches with the Kathas from the Granths. Shri Baba Maharaj mentioned that this is the ONLY site that has ALL the marks. It was indeed a great discovery in the history in Braj.

The next morning, Shri Baba Maharaj mentioned about Hanumaan Dham in details in the Katha. You can watch it here.