After Dev Sarovar is completed successfully, Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj announced cleaning of Priya Kund, also known as Piri Pokhar. Priya Kund has not been cleaned in the past thousands of years. It is said that somebody tried cleaning it around 90 years ago but the task was not completed. 
Priya Kund is very big and there is a lot of silt and dirt that need to extracted and the situation is exactly the same as it was with Dev Sarovar, a lot of resources and manpower is needed. Once again, Shri Baba Maharaj has announced the start of the work even though we don’t have enough of them. The machine that removes the silt is very expensive. However, the saadhus, Gopies and children of Maan Mandir Gurukul have taken the command in their hands and started the work. Please note that this is a kind of work that most of us probably won’t even like to see because of its nature. But see how passionately they are doing it. See the pictures below. 
In order to support their enthusiasm, Shri Baba Maharaj himself goes to the Kund, stays there to encourage them and do kirtan for their service. His Bhaav is that they are serving Braj Dhaam and he is serving them by Bhagwan Naam. 
Even though they are small in number but Shri Baba Maharaj says that Bhagwan Naam Maharaj will complete the work.
The work will continue 24/7 until it is completed. 
We will sharing moments from the Seva from time to time. 

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